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I’ve been self-employed my entire career, ever since my dad enabled me to get paid for web design almost 20 years ago.

But throughout the last year working for Trusted Shops as a contractor on their new platform I realized, that I may be able to improve my contribution dramatically, if I’m not the one coding but instead helping to decide where we spent our precious creativity resources.

That’s why I joined Trusted Shops beginning this January as their Head of Product management.

Even though I never formally worked in a role as a product manager before I think I can make a good impact within the unit.

I’ve seen first-hand how hard wrong strategic decisions can weigh-in, if they lead to wasted time and a decrease in motivation within development teams.
Due to the work we did on our own SaaS I was responsible for all of the product decisions. That’s when I had to face the fact that some of these ideas were really shitty and as a conclusion how much we wasted in development.
This could have been prevented easily with a better understanding of the customer beforehand.

During my experience the last couple of years I realized how important, but also hard, it is to say “No”.
Especially as a developer if there is an interesting technical challenge, where you can lose yourself for days within the code.
But it’s so important to find the right balance between keeping it stupid simple in terms of development time, but still create a product that is maintainable for the teams and at the same time brings real value to customers.

Why the switch?

I like the team within the unit and it was fun to work along side all of them for the past year. But also the idea and vision behind the product is something I can put my self behind.
It’s an interesting challenge to build an entirely new review platform from the ground up. Which no longer focuses only on the e-commerce industry, but instead will be a platform for all kind of industries. But at the same time, it should be still able to serve all existing customers of Trusted Shops, of course while delivering more value to these customers.

That’s why I accepted the job offer!

The welcome card I received after signing the contract.

Personal challenge

In addition, it’s a new challenge for me personally to be stepping up to an actual people management role. A role I’m not really sure I can fulfil, matching my own standards for this responsibility.
But that’s the only way to find out: Jump into the cold water and inspect and adapt along the way.

Ready for 2019

The unit is facing some heavy challenges. Both, in terms of expectations and in terms for growth for this year, which will lead to one nice rollercoaster ride for 2019, but the adrenalin junky in me is eagerly awaiting the ride.