Hi I’m Lars, nice to meet you.

Why the interest in agile?

For the longest time I focused on becoming the best developer I could be. But as soon as I was working within a team I realised, that in todays work it’s not enough to have one A-Player on a team, but instead to focus on the entire team performance.
One big focus of all agile methods is on cross-functional teams instead of expertise silos.
In combination with an other agile principle “Inspect & Adapt”, where we’re constantly checking and improving how we work. And therefore we are delivering more and more value, for both customers and the company we are working in, more frequently.

Coaching & Teaching

Currently I’m holding a lecture at Hochschule Fresenius, in Cologne, about Organization Management. It’s a combination of organizational structures, communications and project management.

Teaching is the highest form of understanding.

— Aristotle

The best way to really get deep into the nitty-gritty of a subject is to teach it to others, or at least talk with as many pears as possible.
That’s why in 2018 I started going to meetups and conferences and talk about my experiences to help other not to make the same mistakes I made.
See the list of past and upcoming talks or get in touch if you would like me to speak at your event.
I’m also always happy to help out as a coach at different events from :agile accelerator launchpad, Startup Weekend to Code+Design Camp.


I fell in love with web development when my dad arrange for me to build the website for the regional association of a national trade union center in Germany – I was 16 at the time and earned big money.

From that point on I’ve became a freelance web-designer/developer, which paid for my time while studying computer science at RWTH Aachen University. During my studies I met my co-founder for C4 – explosive marketing, where we started an advertise-paid printed marketing product. We produced two editions, which brought us to the bottom of our credit limit and at the end it was so bad, that I had to move in with my parents again – at that time I was 28.

That was the tipping point, when we decided to focused our efforts again on our strength. Which meant building websites and web products for different customers. While doing that, we helped different auction houses with their digital strategy and online presence. We turned our experience into a Software as a Service offering remobid.com, all around the needs of auctioneers – serving companies from Hong Kong to Los Angeles.
Additionally we were consultants to different companies around Cologne on how to improve their way to produce products.

In 2019 I joined one of these companies, Trusted Shops, full-time as their Head of Product Management.